Level 2 Food Hygiene in Catering 餐饮业食品卫生二级课程

CIEH食物安全基金會證書 (二級:餐飲業食品衛生課程)將有廣東話食物衛生課程在2019年5月21日,星期二, 上課時間上午10:00 正- 下午5:30時, Happy Gathering Restaurant, (233 Cowbridge Rd East, Cardiff CF11 9AL) 該課程報名費用每人£95.00 一位。如想報讀請致 電預留位置.
敬請您需要攜帶身份証明文件如:你的駕駛執照或護照,或其他有相 片的証件。本課程也將包括“食品安全更好的業務管理系統”和 “過敏原定律” 聯絡人及查詢課程、及预留課程位置、請致電 :
07970 851695 Sandra  07796 691428 Lever

請在2019年5月21日星期二、在課程開始前將填妥的表格 連同每人95英鎊的支票或現金 一併交回Sandra Cheung.

另外如學員想在午餐时在好相逢酒樓一起就餐、每位另收费£9.80。谢谢CIEH Foundation Certificate in Food Safety
(LEVEL 2: FOOD HYGIENE IN CATERING) There will be a FOOD HYGIENE COURSE IN CANTONESE at Happy Gathering Restaurant, 233 Cowbridge Rd East, Cardiff, CF11 9AL Cardiff on Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 10.00am – 5.30pm. The cost of the course per person is £95.00. Please bring some photographic identity. The course will also cover “Safer Food Better Business Management Systems” and “Allergen Law”. Please call Sandra on 07970 851695 or Lever 07796 691428 to book your place or for further information. Email: sandra.cheung-lotus.house@outlook.com
Sandra Cheung is a Chinese Environmental Health Officer and works in Local Government (Food Safety Team). This is your opportunity to attend to learn up to date Food Hygiene Requirements.